Bill Cost Womenswear Manufacturing and Trading

Bill Cost has assigned Altec Software to develop its e-Shop, (
Altec Software has designed and developed a modern e-shop that would be constanstly connected to Atlantis ERP to both facilitate Bill Cost customers and continuously update the ERP system.
Thereby, the customers would be always informed about the availability of clothes in terms of color and size. Moreover, they would utilize the advantages offered by the On Line loyalty card in physical stores too.
The ERP system would be automatically updated about the availability of items, the recording of new customers and the orders’ posting.
As for mobile customers, Altec Software redesigned the e-shop, to fully use their mobile device, thus enjoying the purchasing opportunities no matter where they are.
Almost 30 years ago, in October 1984, the need to create a collection of stylish women's clothes led to the creation of the Bill Cost Company. In all these 30 years Bill Cost has followed strict, high standards of quality and manufacturing combining classic fashion elements with the latest trends of haute couture.
The fabrics used are of the highest quality and, in many occasions, exclusively imported.
Each piece of clothing is sewn with professional meticulousness, strictly following the rules and the high quality standards we have set and follow to the letter.
With 20 stores all over Greece and Cyprus, the B. KOSTARIDIS Company (Bill Cost) has established a strong business presence. At present, 7 stores are located in Attica and 5 more in Thessaloniki, Chania, Kos, Corfu, Ioannina, and 6 Bill Cost Corners around Greece. Moreover, two more stores are located in Pafos and Nicosia, Cyprus.
Bill Cost is also active in the field of wholesale through a selected dealers’ network.