Atlantis II

Atlantis E.R.P.
Touch Screen

Atlantis II is an integrated information system for large commercial, industrial enterprises, service companies and organizations of both private and public sector.

In today’s demanding and fast changing business environment, the installation of an IT system constitutes a matter of strategy. Atlantis II contributes in the best possible way to the creation of infrastructure and utilization of tools that should support competitiveness and growth for the coming years.

ATLANTIS ERP’s group of applications meets the high expectations of large enterprises, groups of companies and multinational businesses for direct and specific results.

Accompanied by a group of results–oriented services and based on Altec Software unique technology in applications development, ATLANTIS ERP, simulates and facilitates the operational processes and supports the organizational structure of enterprises.

By incorporating the latest advances in software development technology and ALTEC’s vast experience, Atlantis II provides updates on the outcome of each enterprise activity, indicates business opportunities and significantly supports any administrative decisions at all levels of the enterprise.