Atlantis Entry III


Integrated information system for the SME market

In today’s demanding and fast changing business environment, the installation of an IT system constitutes a matter of strategy. Its upgrade to a state-of-the-art system should be based on accumulated experience, specific requirements and goals.

Atlantis Entry III ’s group of applications meets the high expectations of large enterprises, groups of companies and multinational businesses for direct and specific results since it contributes in the best possible way to the creation of infrastructure and utilization of tools that should support competitiveness and growth.

The new Atlantis Entry III information system has been fully tailored to meet the requirements for unified administration of business data and covers the need for data exchange between enterprises and remote selling and production sites.

Operational advantages

Based on advanced ROADS technology, Atlantis Entry III is an open architecture system that fully utilizes the performance of the most reliable Relational Databases Management System (RDBS) while operating in the most popular platforms.

The pioneer structure of user interface and menus, user-defined toolbars, as well as subsystems tree structures constitute the basis for an integrated office-automation environment.

Every modern IT or communication technology (like other programs and systems of data creation – cash registers, automation and control systems, barcode etc) is technically connected with central business infrastructure provided by Atlantis Entry III. At the same time, it incorporates on-line communication with MS Office applications.

An automatic data migration procedure has been incorporated into Atlantis Entry III (from CAPITAL ERP software), allowing for smooth data processing without exceeding cost, time and resources limits.

Atlantis Entry III application constitutes a unique business development tool. Add-on modules capability, when necessary, combined with direct transition to ATLANTIS ERP software without requiring data migration, lead to the development of a processing system that meets your business requirements